KATER on STAGE – Kaos Camping

SONNTAG 19|11 19:00

Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin

Total Blackout for Our Peace of Mind
A KAOS CAMPING Performance

BEGINN 19:00

Total Blackout for Our Peace of Mind
performance from Kaos Camping

The KAOS CAMPING formation is an Hungarian art group of visual artists and filmmakers that has been performing for 25 years. During the performances, a number of analog projectors will be used to screen parallel and self-produced super 8mm and 16mm films with musical accompaniment to create a kind of extended cinema. The goal is to systematically atomize attention and strengthen peripheral vision. Berlin’s performance on 19th of November, “Total Blackout for Our Peace of Mind” is an artistic reflection of the economic and social crises of our time.
The artists also film around Berlin using analog techniques and use coffee to develop film excerpts, which can also be seen during the performance as short loops.
Members of the group: Csaba Szeredi, József Szolnoki, Kornél Szilágyi, Csaba Vándor


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